Scare Up Some Fun with an Easy DIY Pumpkin Planter

One of my favorite things about fall are fall flowers, especially mums! This weekend I bought some mums for our porch and decided to use our trick or treat pumpkins as planters. It was very fun to do and super cute! It also makes the pumpkins look like they are sporting a little hair
All you need are:
Trick or Treat Pumpkins
A drill or a nail and hammer
Once you have your trick or treat pumpkin drill or nail four to five holes in the bottom. Place your flowers in your pumpkin planter and fill with soil. I made each pumpkin for under $5 with under an hour’s worth of work!

Make Your Home Frightfully Fun with some Monster Door Decor


For those that may not know, Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays. Right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas. And there is nothing I love more than Halloween decor! I kind’ve obsess over it and make it a personal goal to go bigger and better every year. This year I wanted to do something slightly spooky but in more of a fun way. So I came up with a Halloween Monster Face printable that is perfect for your front door and windows. This printable is free to download and is very easy to assemble.  Be sure to take pictures of your frightfully fantastic door decor and tag us in it @lovelyhomeparty!

Happy Haunting!!

left green eye browmonster eye to the leftmonster eye to the rightmonster noseright green eye brow monster teeth



To create the monster face you will need to print off, 1 left green eye brow, 1 right green eye brow, 1 left monster eye, 1 right monster eye, 1 monster nose, and 2-3 copies of monster teeth, depending on how may you would like. To learn how to string the teeth together check out this post.

To create the monster eyes in the windows just print of 2 copies of “left monster eye” and two copies of “right monster eye.” Or you can mix it up, its really up to you.

Celebrate Fall with a Free “Hello Fall” Banner!

Fall has arrived on the calendar, although judging by the weather in Alabama, you’d think it was still August. Never the less, it is time to celebrate one of my favorite seasons and a fun pennant banner is a great way to do it!


Click here to download a PDF of the pennant banner printable. I’ve also included instructions on how to assemble a pennant banner below.

a.l.fall leaves doubleh.e.l.l.l.squirelo.f.

After printing the PDF files, cut out the pennant flags and punch a hole on each side using a hole punch.

Next you will use either string, yarn, or ribbon to attach each flag to the banner. There is a technique to looping the flags on your string so that it remains hidden and your letters appear in the correct order.

First, when adding your pennant flags to the banner, always start with the last word or symbol in your message. For instance, I started with one of the leaf pennants in the Hello Fall banner.

Second, to make it so your string runs behind your banner and not in front; start your string on the second punched hole on the pennant flag,and push it behind the flag to the the first hole.

Once you have strung all your letters tie a knot at each end of the banner and find a place to hang it.   Happy Fall Yall!



Spring has Sprung!


I absolutely love spring! The weather is warmer, everything is in bloom, and you can finally shed those winter clothes! Spring printables are a great way to bring a little warmth inside your home, without putting a dent in your budget. If you aren’t familiar with using printables in decor, it may be a little intimidating. I just started using them in my home and it took me a while to figure out how to make a 6×9 printable on the mantle not look plain and boring.  The solution…use 8×10 canvas boards, paint, and a little modge podge! Modge podge is a wonderful craft tool and if you’ve never used it, this project is a great way to start.

What you need:

8×10 Canvas Board

Paint & Brush

2 6×9 Spring Printables

Modge Podge

First, I painted my canvas. I decided to use bright pink and a really nice sea blue to create a bright bold look.


Next I printed off my 6×9 spring printables. You can find both in our shop @TheLovelyHomeParty and they download instantly to your computer, tablet, or phone. When printing, I chose to use 8.5 x 11 glossy photo paper because I knew it would hold up to the modge podge.

After I printed off my images and my canvas’s dried, I used a paint brush and covered the entire canvas in modge podge. Make sure to spread the modge podge evenly, but be generous! You want to make sure your image sticks to the canvas. Next place the printable in the center of the canvas, and spread modge podge across the entire image, and even onto the canvas. You want to make sure that the image is completely covered with modge podge because this will adhere it to the canvas, and give your printable a little texture.

To Finish, just wait for everything to dry, and find the perfect spot for it to go! I used our mantle and the printables provided a great pop of color right in time for Easter.


Party Time!

The Lovely Home Party offers customers unique party invitations, thank you’s and home decor that is perfect for any special occasion. Each of our items are hand crafted, using original designs that are not found anywhere else. My sister and I founded our business in 2016 after many years of hosting and planning events and parties for ourselves, family, and friends. We welcome you to our website and thank you for stopping by!