Celebrate Fall with a Free “Hello Fall” Banner!

Fall has arrived on the calendar, although judging by the weather in Alabama, you’d think it was still August. Never the less, it is time to celebrate one of my favorite seasons and a fun pennant banner is a great way to do it!


Click here to download a PDF of the pennant banner printable. I’ve also included instructions on how to assemble a pennant banner below.

a.l.fall leaves doubleh.e.l.l.l.squirelo.f.

After printing the PDF files, cut out the pennant flags and punch a hole on each side using a hole punch.

Next you will use either string, yarn, or ribbon to attach each flag to the banner. There is a technique to looping the flags on your string so that it remains hidden and your letters appear in the correct order.

First, when adding your pennant flags to the banner, always start with the last word or symbol in your message. For instance, I started with one of the leaf pennants in the Hello Fall banner.

Second, to make it so your string runs behind your banner and not in front; start your string on the second punched hole on the pennant flag,and push it behind the flag to the the first hole.

Once you have strung all your letters tie a knot at each end of the banner and find a place to hang it.   Happy Fall Yall!